Monday, August 30, 2010


I had this strangest dream last night. So emotionally strong that I woke up so sad and in tears. I was screaming and asking a man a question; I remembered repeating myself about three times trying to squeeze an answer out of him. Waking up without knowing the answer just gave me the intense feeling of lost.

What are dreams? So many books of theories in the library and thousands of web-pages pertaining to it, how one dream mean some thing.... Who does really know? So the psychics said, they were written in the stars, the moon and the sun; whispered in the wind, in the language of the animals, and the flow of water. How so? How can one be so sure that the twinkle of the star meant luck instead of awakening or the black meant life instead of death?

Some dreams are premonitions of how tomorrows are going to be...People call them "deja vu". But some dreams are just unfamiliar, the place, the person, the time...Was it a subconscious mind fabrications because of what we may be going through when we're awake? Regardless of we are enthusiastic, stressed or depressed? Just like how artists created their masterpieces with their primal consciousness, do subconscious minds tended to do the same in your sleep? Are dreams created by some things we ever so desire? Perhaps the things we hate or never wanted? Was it a message from a higher being; or may be a tap on our conscientiousness?

Dreams.... so they said were written in the sky, through stars, the moon , the sun.; whispered in the wind, the howls, the hoots and the waves. Dreams...what if they were just residing within us, hidden behind our own shadows, written on our palms, or the language of our souls? Or what if they were just series visionary creations in our sleep that meant absolutely nothing... Dreams, something or nothing?

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